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January 01, 2008


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I just wanted to let you now that i tried your cookies with the green tea this morning and they were absolutely delicious.
I bought them because i have lost weight and i am now conscious on what i eat. All natural ingredients was a big plus.

I have been controlling my eating and portions for almost six months and i am doing well.

The down side is that i liked your product so much, that i was not able to stop eating them. I devoured the whole box in 20 minutes. I will try to restrain myself when i buy my next box and keep away from binging like that.

I just wanted you to know that i enjoyed your product and it was the first product that made me eat excessively again. That is good and bad i guess.



These are the best cookies you can ever buy. I am hooked on the vanilla ones. Thank you so much for making them!!!

Mary Lou Neagle

Hi Nicole and Steve,

I am so happy that your peanut butter is not involved in this recall/scare!! I buy your minis all the time and am addicted to them!! I don't know if you saw FOX news this morning, but they had a segment on "EAT THIS, NOT THAT" - a book that someone has written. They compared 5 better things to eat versus a similar not so better thing. Late July Choc. Cookies was featured as BETTER than Oreos!!! That's a big WOW!! Congrats! Hope the promo helps give a big kick for you!! I am stil having a hard time finding the Choc. cookies. Roche Bros. does have them, Steve, but only in the small packs. Did you tell me that Costco is carrying your line now?? If so, I will make a stop there next time I'm off Cape!!! And what did you tell us about Trader Joes?? Do they carry your line to?? Good luck with the peanut butter thing! (I read your quote, Nicole, in the CCTimes and do hope it HELPS your business too). AND again thank you for your generosity toward The Ridge Club Womens' Breast Cancer Tournaments!! We appreciate all that you do!! All the best! Mary Lou


I found the Dark Chocolate sandwich cookies at Wegmans.They are fabulous! I am currently on Weight Watchers and as a treat I will have 1. I like the natural and organic ingredients. I also like the fact that it does not have Chicory Root in it. More and more products have Inulin and I have a sensitivity to it. I am looking forward to try more of your products.


The dark chocolate sandwich cookies are OUtSTANDING!! we purchase them in Texas at our natural foods grocer.One concern, you list the palm oil ingredient,but do not specify if it is from the palm fruit( which in healthy) or the palm kernel which is not so healthy.Could you please give us that info?. Thanking you in advance.a chocolate lover always in search of nutritious dark chocolate goodies.


Just picked up your vanilla bean cookies at our new BJ's here in Clermont, Florida. We have a serious cookie addiction in our house (which extends even to our 17 month old son.) I try not to purchase items with preservatives and HFCS if at all possible so your cookies fit the bill. I have to tell you that they are delicious! Not quite an Oreo but I find that Oreos taste different nowadays than they did when I was a kid. These have almost a "refreshing" taste to them, amost "light" if you will.

We will definitely purchase them again! Thanks for making a somewhat *healthy* cookie!

Joe W

Do these cookies have any caffeine in them? Green tea typically does. The box does not state one way or another.

Nicole DC

the green tea and vanilla cookies are AMAZING!!! Just the smell of them made my mouth water. :-)


Your vanilla bean cookies are AMAZING. I can't live without them. THANK YOU!


I just tried the vanilla cookies for the first time, and I'm hooked! Thank you for making such a lovely product -- and for sharing the story on this blog. :)


I just ate the vanilla bean and green tea cookies and found them delicious. I noticed on the ingredients listed above, the natural flavors indicated on the package is not listed in the ingredients on the site. How are the natural flavors derived. Do they contain Free glutamates?

thank you for your reply.

Avelina Wholesale Food

Your innovative recipe is sweet just like your kids. Never tried late july stuff but would not miss it now cuz love for my kids will not allow me to do so. Thanks.

Hollie Danhauser

WOW , just tried your cookies for the first time. We recieved a gift basket from Harry and David and they were part of it. Needless to say the cookies are gone, yummmm. I just looked you up to see where I could get more and I was so surprised you are only 45 minutes away in Barnstable. I'll be off to Shaw's in the morning.


I've been rationing my last few Vanilla Bean with Green Tea cookies because I couldn't find them anywhere. We just finally found a supply and I've noticed a change -- the new cookies have less of the vanilla and green tea taste, and the cookie is less chocolate-like and more cocoa-like -- now they are more like Oreos. The older formulation was a more unique -- and BETTER! taste. Why the change?

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