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October 25, 2008


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Rebekah J. McCormick


My suggestion is to trade trick or treat candy for non-food items. Such as, pencils, erasers, small trinkets or toys that can be put on shoe laces or backpacks, stickers, posters or other things to decorate their room or play area. You can get plastic coins or poker chips and give them a value such as 15 extra minutes on a game or computer or not having to do a chore for a day or getting to stay up later for one night. You could even let them collect the coins and 'cash' them in on something big like a camera of their own (maybe a disposable one) or a sleep over or camp-out. These other things have an attraction because they or their memories will last much longer than the candy.

Most candy will freeze rather well and can then be doled out over several months. The bite size candies are great in Christmas cookies and cupcakes. Children love to make such things and give them to their friends and almost every school has snack days or special days just before Winter Break. This is a good time to get rid of that stash of goodies.
I hope these will help and maybe give a lead to some other ways of dealing with candy.

Rebekah J.


Thanks for the great idea!

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Great site you have here. Enjoyed the post will bookmark. :)

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