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  • Late July is dedicated to making delicious organic, NON-GMO snacks! It’s our mission to ensure that future generations of families always have access to delicious food free from GMOs, toxic persistent pesticides and antibiotics. Founded in 2003 by Nicole Bernard Dawes & her late father Steve Bernard, we're excited to be celebrating our 11th anniversary in 2014!

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  • Late July Organic Snacks
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    Tel 508.362.5859
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December 13, 2008


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Yemi Onafeko

When I came across your product at 'TJ-MAXX' store, the 'summertime blues' bag wasn't only attractive but uniquely healthy. I decided to add it on Christmas dinner snacks. everyone agreed to its authenticity, for the fact that it is 100% whole grains and most importantly, exceptionally low on sodium. This product is irresistible!

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