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March 10, 2009


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Karen Anne

I'm very sorry about your Dad.


Sorry to hear about his passing. I have loved all the products he developed, including the ones I had been eating and didn't know he was involved in.
I think I will have a Cape Cod & Late July lunch today.

Dr. Edwin Denton

I first met your Dad when I interviewed him for a reading teacher in Bridgewater,MA. He proved to be an exceptional teacher and poupular with the children. He was young but you just knew he was special. In my thirty two years as a school superintent in Massachsetts and California he always remained in my memory. He taught brifly in the educational system but gave the lessons of life until his last sunrise with his wife Lynn.


i am so sorry for your loss. he was clearly a much beloved man.

his (and your) products have been a permanent fixture in my home for many years. the tribute you posted to your dad will have a permanent spot in my heart forever.

Lisa Van Horn

I just read the news of your father's passing..I saw the headline and as the web page was loading ..I thought God I hope it's not Steve. I worked for your father for 3 and a half years for Chatham Village in California. I loved your father...I got up and went to work everyday because of his spirit. I came out to the office/plant one time with a new woman your father and I interviewed and he hired. Your parents took us out to dinner had us stay at their house. Your parents are great people. Please send my condolences to your mother.I will never forget him... my email address is croutonldy@... because that's what everyone called me at my stores all day. :) I would love to have a package of your tribute cookies.

Anita Gilday

I did not know your father personally but he was a lifelong friend of my brother in law, Deanne Wiggin. I did meet him briefly when he came to my father in law's (Kathryn's) funeral almost 24 years ago. I can tell you from that alone, I could tell he was a selfless man who put everyone else above himself. God bless him...he leaves a wonderful legacy for you and your sons

Connie Lauerman

Dear Nicole, My deepest condolences to you, your mother and all your family.
I was acquainted with your Dad during my senior year at St. Mary's College/Notre Dame, and have always remembered him for his kindness, good humor, integrity and sense of fun. I wish he were not gone.


So sorry about your dad, Nicole. He sounds like a wonderful man, and you will obviously miss him tremendously. But of course, his spirit lives on in you, and your success is a lasting tribute to his.

Marlene Affeld

My deep and heartfelt condolences on your loss. Thank you for sharing the moving tribute to your father.


What a beautiful tribute!

I also work with my father (and Mom and husband) and am so thankful for the chance to be together every day.

Leonard Ingrande

I had reasons to google your Dad today trying to get an address, only to read about his passing. I first want to extend my condolences to you and your mother. I first meet your Dad about forty years ago when he applied and became an employee of ours fishing on a tuna boat fishing in Cape Cod Bay while working his way through college. I did meet up with again about twenty years later, he came by one day to thank us for the opportunity to work during school vacations and helping put him through college.

My son in law came by today with some old pictures of the boats and your Dad is with the crew, when i seen the picture I wanted your Dad to have a copy, and this was the reason I google his name today, I will send you some copies if someone could send me an address later in the future. Again my deepest sympathy.

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