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July 19, 2009


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Cynthia Henderson

I love this time of year because monsoon season starts here in Arizona and my birthday will be just around the corner. :)

Dawn Sonsini

I love late July because I am 42 and my 3 yr old niece Cerelina and I share the same birthday! July 28th... What a wonderful time we have when we both put on our party dresses and hit the town! I reminds me that age is only a number!


Oh my goodness! What is NOT to love about this time of year? The fresh veggies that are so abundant, the sunshine, warm (okay, sometimes hot!) days and spending time with family!


I love this time of year because it's *really* summer.

Brittanie A

I love this time of year because of all the swimming, camping, or just playing in the yard; it doesnt matter if you're 4 or 40 you enjoy it all the same.

Raina B

I love this time of year because its perfect for sitting back on a lazy summer day and enjoying just being...with friends, your favorite pet or simply yourself. Of course, it isn't complete without a tall glass of ice cold (organic)lemonade and a Late July snack! Ahh..summer! What's not to love?

Kathi Tepedino

I love Late July because nectarines (organic!) are in season, mt fave fruit. AND there's still over a month left before school starts!!!!!! (I'm a teacher and I really Love my summer vacation:)


The catfish are jumpin' and the cotton is high...You know summer is here when it's Late July!

Virginia Haynes

I love this time of year because it reminds me exactly why I moved to Buffalo, NY (home of crazy cold winters and snow drifts) from my hometown in Texas. I am more than willing to put up with all the snow just to enjoy the beauty of a Western New York summer. The city finally comes to life after its (what seems like) 8 month frozen hibernation and people come outdoors! There's so much to do...so much to see! Ahhh, to wear skirts and short sleeve shirts again...ohh and sunglasses! There is truly nothing better than spending a nice cool summer evening sitting in Delaware park watching the latest Shakespeare production while chowing down on some snacks. This is why I LOVE this time of year!


I love this time of year because of the sunsets and the wonderful produce. I actually put this post up before I read about your contest and it's just too perfect not to enter! :)


I swear I did not know about the contest before writing my post.



I love this time of year because my husband and I got married in late July, and it brings back wonderful memories! We grew zinnias and sunflowers for bouquets and decorations, and we cooked family recipes to serve at the reception. If I had known about Late July's Dark Chocolate cookies back then, I might have served them as my wedding cake--they are so fabulous!

David Ralich

I love this time of year for many reasons - summer is in full swing, the weather at it's best and as a fairly new dad I get to spend quality time outdoors with my daughter - who is experiencing swings, riding toys, sidewalk chalk, sand boxes, bugs, and the list goes on...


I love late July for many reasons. For one, I work at a library and right about now the summer reading program is starting to wind down. It's a joy to see how excited the kids are when we hand them the prizes they have earned by reading all summer. Nothing beats that!

Living in a medium-size city, there are lots of free activities aimed at kids and college students to take advantage of this warmest season and they’re in full swing this month. There are lots and lots of concerts, dancing lessons in this big circle outside, festivals, farmer’s markets. And late July is, for me at least, the point where I start taking advantage of these events! It’s the point I start to realize that summer is swiftly flying by, and I need to participate in all that is offered, because before I know it, it’ll be winter again.

Most of all, it’s the time I associate with spending weekends up north on an old houseboat on a river with my family and friends. It’s a slightly lazy, yet never boring way to pass the warmest and best part of summer. Sitting around watching all the boats fly past, watching the wake as it slowly makes its way to shore, gabbing with my dad and his friends about nothing and everything, a little fishing, a lot of swimming. At night we’ll tie off on some hidden cove (provided we can even get the thing to run!) and make a bonfire and stay out late watching night take over. Those are some of my best memories and what I think of most in this second half of July.


Because it's really summer! And because August 1 (my birthday) is just around the corner.


I love late July because it is the "middle of summer". We are rested from the last school year, but not yet gearing up for the next school year. During this time, we can just coast..... enjoying sunshine, sleeping in, and lots of water sports.

Jamie Falls

I enjoy all the fresh produce from our garden and trees but I really love this time of year because it makes me feel like winter is getting closer. Crazy I know...but winter time is our favorite time. Christmas in July!!!!!

Alice Lee

Hi! I love this time of year because my older brother was born on July 19 and my new nephew was born on July 23! My newphew is the first grandbaby of the family, and the first baby I have actually held! Exciting times and wonderful memories have been made this July and in the future years to come!


I love this time of year because the craziness of summer is starting to settle down but we're not at the hectic point of school in autumn.

Laura E

July is the best time of year because there's no school, great weather(I love anything but winter!), and the farmer's markets are always filled with fresh wonderful produce.

Thank you!

jean frederickson

I love this time of year because it's so relaxing. It's a great time to spend doing outdoor activities. It's also the time when I can start picking vegetables from my vegetable garden and share them with family and friends.

Jenna Z

This year I am LOVING the mild weather here in central IL! I love that in late July, the tomatoes turn red, zucchini starts coming out your ears and the second batch of carrots is ready to me shredded into salads and sandwiches!

Shelby Jean

I love late July because summer is truly here and the gof courses are in superior condition enabling me to continue working on my golf game. I also enjoy all the fresh vegetables available at our local farm markets. The beauty of the trees and flowers are lovely to look at and know that God created this wonderful world we live in.

Deke Bond

Late July cookies are the best all year round--not just late July!


I love late July - especially this year, when the rains finally stopped (I live in CT). I also love your products. Not only are they tasty and good for you, but perfect for me as I am on the go a lot! Thanks!


I love this time of year because there are no schedules or committments. It's quiet and relaxing...it's the calm before the storm (of another school year starting.)

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