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December 30, 2009


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I think gas powered cars will be gone. who knows, all hybrids??


I hope drive-thrus will become obsolete! We definitely need to walk more!
Happy New Year!!

Aleta J

By 2020 I hope we will see a great alternative to lead-based paint eliminate its use, so that we will no longer have to wonder if the products our kids wear, play with and stick in their mouths will show up on tomorrow's recall list.


I really hope BPA and phthalates will be obsolete in kids' toys by 2020.


I hope litter, dumping, use of toxins will be eliminated as people realize the impact of their actions and individuals, state and federal government work together to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and other natural resources.

Schools will feed children a wide variety of healthy organic foods, that they learned about and helped grow and pick. In school children will have many opportunities to create (art, music, cooking etc.) and exercise (sports, dance and more.)

Everyone will spay/ neuter their pets. People will get on a waiting list if they want a puppy or kitten or perhaps adopt an older pet whose owner has died.


I hope high fructose corn syrup and unnecessary sugars will be gone from our everyday foods by 2020.


I hope the designation 'organic' will be unnecessary by 2020 because all food should be organic to start with.


No more VCR's would be sad because we have hundreds of video tapes.
No Smoking in any public place(and i am a smoker)
Also i hope that every American has a fair chance at health care,but don't we all.

Tammy Friedman

By 2020, I would like to see bottled water obsolete, or at least DRASTICAllY reduced. What a windfall for the petroleum companies to have everybody transport their water in PLASTIC bottles. Hopefully everyone will be using a BPA free stainless steel or aluminum bottle by then!


I hope by 2020 there will no longer be 7 hour waits in the emergency room because it is filled with people who have no choice but to use the ER instead of going to their doctor because they don't have health insurance.


I hope that communication between people comes back. While it's great to be able to converse with any one at any time, we have grown increasingly isolated. My hope is that we learn to come together to solve problems, increase awareness, and fix problems. Because none of the problems we face can be solved from behind a computer unless we all come together in our communities, our states, and our families to fix them.


I hope factory farming and GMO's will be obsolete. Hopefully by 2020 there will be enough information out for the general public to realize how unhealthy we are eating and force government to make the proper legislation.

Colleen Neel

I hope partially hydrogenated oils will be gone from food and that there will be more natural foods available at lower costs. Right now it seems, the less ingredients a product has the more it costs!


I'm just beginning to learn about all of the issues our industrial food practices are having in regards to the health of all of the citizens of our country and hope we can come together with solutions to make healthy whole foods available to all.


I would like for recycling to not be viewed as inconvenient or a hassle. That companies will make it easier for their employees to reuse and recycle. I would like to see a decrease in the size and abundance of landfills.

I'd like to think that I would give up using disposable diapers, but I am not sure we will get there...just being honest.


Plastic Bags


I predict that more people will be making items or doing with less to have a smaller carbon footprint.


I really hope that all styrofoam products become obsolete.

Jess B

wow...just thinking what the world could be like by then is amazing. i would like to see all sweat shop, low income wage slavery gone, and kids in school learning about how far we have come in human rights from the turn of the 21st century!


I would wish for more affordable natural and organic products. We should have to a premium for quality food.

lisa brown

I hope factory farming is over and done with by 2020 and that we've all gotten back to basic/safe/sustainable foods.


I bet in 20 years the next generation will react to the i-pod/mp3 player the way my generation snickered at the thought of playing 8-track tapes.


non ez pass toll booths!


I think that Public schools will be obsolete by 2020. All children will be homeschooled or will be in magnet schools.


Obviously, my HOPE would be that having to fear for our safety, even in our own neighborhoods, would become obsolete and no more toxins put into our foods and beauty products. My THOUGHT on what will become obsolete is privacy. Our information is all over the place if you know how to find it.

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