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May 13, 2010


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My husband and I had the best summer road trip a few years ago. We were living in LA, and we decided to head up Hwy 1 toward Portland, Oregon. That was the only plan we had. We picked all our hotels and food on the spur of the moment along the way -- one of the best hotels (and meals) we found was in a small town when I had to take a restroom break! All along the coast we found roadside beaches and trails that were completely empty except for us. It took us a week to drive up, and we drove most of the way back in a marathon 15-hour session, but it was worth it. We still talk about all the beautiful places we saw along the way, and hope to revisit our route at some point in the future. :)


PS. Photos of our trip! http://www.flickr.com/photos/satsumabug/sets/72157606048209885/


I would love to be able to take my husband to California. Originally we had planned to go for our honeymoon but plans got changed and we decided to go last year. Plans changed again and now we don't know when we will go but would love to go soon. Wine country before kids! :)


What a fantastic contest topic! Last year we borrowed a family member's trailer and camped in Gettysburg, PA.
Our two kids enjoyed all of the amenities of the campgrounds and the ghost tours and they actually came home knowing a bit more about the war between the states. We hope to again this year, or possibly Williamsburg ,VA. We love taking them on historically based trips.


Well, I'm not sure how keen you are about going overseas...but...my husband and I had a wonderful month-long trip two summers ago...to South Korea! My husband is Korean and we were married two summers ago. We had one wedding over here in America and then flew over to Korea and spent a whole month there with his family and had yet another wedding over there! We had a great time meeting his family and spending precious time together with them over there. We have a 5 month old girl now and are eager to take her there someday to meet her Korean relatives! Thank you!


I love road trips! My husband is in the Navy and is deploying this month. Since I'll be by myself I am going to take a road trip from Virginia Beach, VA to Columbia, SC to see my family! We just moved to Virginia Beach and I really do not know anyone, so I am going to spend the summer with my parents and my sister! While there we'll be road tripping to Florida, Tennessee and all over South Carolina! Taking road trips with my family will definitely bring back old memories of our road trips when I was a child. We'll be packing "picnic" meals and eating at rest stops and parks just like old times!


We take the kids to the Atlantic ocean each year in late July! Since we live in teh middle of the country, the ocean is a real treat for our kids.


My hope is to take my 4 y.o. son and husband to see the Pacific Northwest. Neither of them has ever left Texas! Our favorite road trips have been to the coast, playing in the sand and introducing my son to the Ocean. They so need to see the Pacific and how different it is than the Gulf. I miss the dramatic cliffs, the waves, and the light houses. This years plans have been put on hold due to my cancer treatment, but I fully intend to take that trip with my son many, many times.


This year, my husband and I took our first vacation ever without the kids! We went from Texas to Florida for our College Alumni weekend, but made a week of it. We did the ultimate guilty pleasure and went to Disney without the kids! We chose Epcot, since it was the least favorite Disney spot for our children (they HAVE been to Disney before, I might add). My husband and I acted like teenagers again. We made a game of counting fanny packs (230 in one day, btw) and got to enjoy the countries in depth. I learned that there were rides tucked back in 'Mexico' and 'Norway' - who knew?! I always had a tired kid by the time we would get to that end of the Epcot 'Globe'.
Anyhow, It was very refreshing, slightly guilt filled and much needed! One of the best vacations ever!


Oh, and I must add... the kids had a fantastic week being spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. It was a great 'vacation' for them, too!


I would love to go to New England and tour the coast. I have never gone north of Maryland and I've been dying to check out that part of the country.


My husband and I want to take a road trip with our two young boys back to MI. We moved to ND this winter and our boys miss their family and friends. We hope to make great memories along the way and enjoy lots of lake side moments. It will be an adventure for sure because we've worked on switching to an organic diet since we've moved and our families don't really get it. It's a great time to share what we are learning


My husband and I are expecting our first child on July 3rd so our trips will be consisting of local ice cream shops and parks later in the summer :) Nothing big, but so special to have that time to share with our new daughter.

kelly M.

We are planning a trip to MN where my parents live! I am not looking forward to the 3hr plane ride up there but cant wait to be in cooler weather (we live in Fl)! ;o))


We had the best family vacation ever in the Big Horn mountains of Wyoming...in fact, we're getting ready to head back in that direction for another much-anticipated vacation!

Sara S

We have yet to take a family vacation with our children, ages 2 1/2 and 1. This summer we will be heading to Carmel where we will explore the beach and tide pools, and stop by Earthbound Farms for a tour. I love that we can introduce beautiful nature and show our children where our food comes from!


Last summer we went to Mackinac Island in Michigan. We stayed in a hotel on the mainland to save money, and then it's just a short ferry ride to the island. There are no cars allowed on the island, so everyone travels by horse or bike. It's such a beautiful and fun place, we want to go again this year!


My husband and I had a very "Late July" trip to the Washington State coast while we were engaged. We drove from Seattle and stopped all around Olympic National Park. A laid back trip I will never forget!

Michele D

In 2008 we met my niece and her family at the Wisconsin Dells. We all stayed together at one of the water parks. We did the Ducks and relaxed, played games and had a GREAT time. We are planning to go back again this year.


My family is gathering in Philadelphia this summer for my Grandmother's 91st birthday. My immediate family and I will be traveling from Northern California. Every year since my Grandmother's 80th birthday, we have traveled to celebrate with her. She is an amazing woman - still living on her own and loves to play scrabble and bingo. She is also a fan of Late July snacks (loves the Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies).


I've had so many amazing trips over the years! One of my favorites was last summer when my husband and I went to Pennsylvania for a wedding at the Phillie's baseball stadium. (My husband loved seeing the places where Rocky was filmed). From there we went to Lancaster to see the Amish. Most of what we did was a "spur of the moment" thing, such as the tour through a cave and dinner at an Amish restaurant. (amazing food!) It was so nice to spend a leisurely week exploring together.
Thanks for the contest!


We live in southern Maine. Our road trip this summer will be in August and we are taking our 3 boys to Bar Harbor for a week. Its not really a road trip although it will take us over 2 hrs to get there I think that counts with 3 small boys. We will enjoy acadia National Park while we are there. Biking hiking and a possible whale watch. Maine summers are the best. Oh and you can't go to Bar harbor without having blueberry pancakes for breakfast and lobster for dinner. They even have lobster flavored ice cream! ick!

Laura Cross

We are having a 2nd baby this summer so we arent taking a big family trip but I plan to stay close to home and do fun things with my almost 3 year old. Go to amusement parks, local parks, swimming, and plenty of playing outside.


I would love to take my children to see the ocean, any ocean. I have never seen one and would like to experience it for the first time with my two boys.


We're planning a trip to Utah this summer to see my sister in law get married! The wedding is near SLC, but we're planning to drive up so that we can stop at Arches National Park - it looks amazing.

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