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May 13, 2010


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I want to take my boys to Disney but not this year. This yr we will settle for a beach vacation to visit my family in DE. My brother is getting married so it should be great fun.


A friend and I took a road trip a few years ago. We flew from Atlanta to Las Vegas and rented a car - I forgot what it was, but we lucked up with a convertible. Right from the airport we went to Hoover Dam, took a tour and stayed the night. Next was the Grand Canyon. After that we road all over Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah (I think). We stopped when we were ready, ate when hungry. Found some amazing restaurants (one was a hole in the wall place in Arizona which was awesome, but going back to our car, an armadillo came slinking out from under the car and scared us half to death). We tried fry bread stacked with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese piled high and the size of a serving platter. We had some amazing adventures. We spent two weeks and at the time they seemed forever. Miss that!


One of my most memorable trips was a few years ago when my parents took all us kids...5 of us to Alaska! We went in June and it was absolutely beautiful with everything deep green, the majestic mountains, wild flowers and wild life. While we were there they took us on a 4 day horse ride adventure into Resurrection Pass. We each had our own horse and rode for 4 hours to our little cabin. It was spactacular! The views were breath-taking. We stayed in a little cabin that was built in the 1880's, even some of the hinges were made from the tops of tin cans! It was fabulous! The guides cooked for us, told us stories, took us fishing, etc. It is definitley a trip I would like to take my two boys on in the future!


Our favorite trips are to the beach. Each year our family, that would be all 25 of us, rent a beach house. We are right on the beach so the kids can run back and forth between the house and beach. Each family takes one night to cook dinner, otherwise you're free to relax. I love that my children have this opportunity to be around our extend family. Its a week of special memories and good times.

Terri D

Living in Sonoma County, our favorite trips are up the coast and through the majestic redwoods. There are so many great places to see and eat at (with no Wally World in sight! LOL) There are many festivals during the summer, it seems we always run into one. A guaranteed good time!

Justine Liébana

I'm not sure that we'll be able to get the vacation days, but I'd love to take my hubby up to Lake Champlain in Vermont. My family went every summer when I was younger, but recently our schedules have been more complicated, we haven't gone in several years - and definitely not in the 3 years I've been married. It would be fun to show him the amazing sunsets over the water!


Every year we try to go to Maine for the Lobsta Festival! It's awesome! And there's an AMAZING campground that we stay at! We love it!


I will never forget our family beach trips to Ocean City as a child. We stayed in the same bed and breakfast year after year, with a white wraparound porch and ceiling fans in every room softly billowing ocean air in through dainty lace curtains. We would spend the entire day at the beach with our cousins, return to our room all sandy and sun-kissed, then take warm showers and head out to the boardwalk at night -- the lights from the shops shimmered over the water and the smell of salt-water taffy, popcorn, and pizza welcomed us. I can still remember how exciting it was to play carnival games on the boardwalk and ride the Ferris wheel overlooking the water. Those were such incredible vacations, filled with magic and wonder and the feeling that no time in the world was better than summer.


My husband's family has a tradition of renting a beach house on Folley Beach in Charleston, S.C. This is our top pick for a vacation get away. Now that we have two little kids, we are longing to pass the tradition on.


In late July 2010 is my husband and I's 10 year anniversary! We are taking our kids ages 1 and 2 (first plane ride) as well as a few other very loved family members to Costa Rica!!! We are so excited to have a fun, relaxing anniversary celebration with our favorite people! It didn't matter as much of where we went but that we will all be together and I look forward to many family vacations in the next 10 (20, 30, 40, 50) years.


We always tend to travel to the southeast, so I would love to go up to the northeast and see the small coastal towns. I never like spending too much of my vacation time traveling, so we like to stick sort of near home.


We are planning to attend Sesame Place this summer with our 4 year old twins. We went last year and they had a great time. The favorite part was having dinner with the characters from Sesame. Ernie and Bert and Zoe came to our table for pictures and hugs!!!


Last summer, my husband rounded up a group of friends (and convinced me to join) on a road trip from South Carolina to Colorado, then to Utah, over to California, and of course back to SC. We had an amazing time hiking in Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park, Zion Nat'l Park, and finally Yosemite. The early June weather was different at every park - from hiking in some snow to heat that warranted swimming in the creek. It was an incredible chance to see so much of the country! Disclosure: I also never ate so many Wendy's Frosty's and french fries in my life!!!


I would love to go somewhere tropical...like Puerto Rico, and take a loved one with me. :)


My family LOVES road trips. We've done quite a few over the years. Most recently we took our children to Florida to the Disneyworld over spring break. We asked our daughter what she wanted to do over spring break and she said she wanted to go swimming and go to the park. The trip was a total surprise. We kept our secret for 2 months. We live in Northern California. The night before our flight we told our 4 year old daughter that we were going to drive to San Francisco and stay at a hotel so she could go swimming. She thought we were fulfilling the first spring break request. The next morning we told her we were going on an airplane to Minnesota to because we heard there were good parks there (we had a layover in Minneapolis) When we got off the plan in Minneapolis we told her that Daddy had read about some even better parks in Florida and that we were taking another plan to Florida. We arrived in Orlando very late. We checked into our condo late and went to bed. When we woke up the next morning we told our daughter that we better get dressed and ready so we could go find the "parks". When we were literally driving under the sign that says Disneyworld we told her what the sign said and where we were really going. We confessed that we had been planning the trip for 2 months and that we were going to spend the next 5 days exploring the magic kingdom, epcot, etc. Although my son is only 2, he also was very excited! The surprise element made the Happiest Place on Earth even happier!

Andrea Gubser

My husband and I have always said that when our girls come home announcing their engagement, we are going to hand them the keys to the car and tell them to head out on a 12 hour road trip. Nothing is better at bonding in our mind. Singing at the top of your lungs, seeing lotto signs and figuring out how you'd spend the money if you won, having to say "moo" every time you pass a cow. There is also the suffering. Lower back aches, long stretches between potty breaks, speeding tickets....It is easy to be lovey-dovey during the good stuff - but 12 hours in a car and at some point some true colors are gonna flash. So that's our plan. 12 hour road trip before they receive our blessing. We know their future will be stronger for it.


My husband and I are thinking about taking a trip late this summer.

We want to buy a cheap VW bus, take a month off of work, load up camping supplies and our 2 year old daughter and travel from our home in Chattanooga, TN all the way through Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona before we come back home.

We have family and friends in those states that we haven't seen in a looong time, and the thought of an adventure like that thrills us!


Our biggest family trip to date was a 2 1/2 week vacation to China with our then 13 month old. People thought we were crazy! Our son might not remember the trip, but we do, and we have over 1000 pictures to prove it. It was awesome! Our friend who was living there for the year was our tour guide. We have since taken smaller trips, like this past Christmas in Hawaii. Our son wanted to know why Santa was on the beach the day after Christmas. We said that he deserved some R&R, too =) We try to do as much together before my husband deploys again.

Michelle Rulmont

Disneyland-my kids first choice! But my favorite road trip was from Petaluma, CA to vancouver canada..stopped a long the way in Portland, Seattle and lots of little towns. Amazing trip!

Jennifer Windler

In 2008 we went to Costa Rica- we had so much fun staying in Puerto Viejo on the East Coast. Boy was it an experience driving on the pothole filled roads at night with people on bikes in the middle of the street. We had an adventure filled vacation kayaking, white water rafting,learning how to make chocolate, and ziplining. I was not very good at stopping on the zipline LOL so I ended up having to ride with a guide but it was amazing the views of the rainforest. We also stayed in a cool bungalow in the rainforest- It was so neat to go to sleep and wake up to the sounds of the rain forest. And getting gas by pulling up to peoples house and asking for gas- they would fill the car using a 2 liter bottle as a funnel pouring the gas from a jug- What an experience!! Loved every second of it!

Amy Hachem

My summer road trip would bring me up into Burlington, Vermont to visit my sister. We would visit some local berry farms with the kids and ride the ferry across Lake Champlain. We'd head north, across the border into Canada. After a day or two exploring Montreal, we would make our way back home, slowly, thru the Adirondacks. Lots of sun, spontaneous road-side picnics and laughter will keep us in a Late July mood!


When we were in college, my husband and I went on a camping trip to the Sand Dunes National Park (Colorado) for Thanksgiving a few weeks before we started dating. It was freezing cold the water we brought froze in the container as it was sitting on the metal picnic table! It was such a memorable part of our courtship and even though we live far from Colorado now we recreate it every year by setting up a kiddy tent the night before Thanksgiving and "camping out" at home by our fire place. The kids (19 months and 3) loved participating in it this year I think it is a tradition that will be unique and enjoyable for our family! I would love to go on a road trip with them to see the Sand Dunes and show them were our journey began, plus to be there in the warm weather would be nice too!


My immediate and extended family all participated in Disney's Give and Get program this year so we got free tickets for all of us to go to Disneyland just for making quilts for foster children. I'm looking forward to visiting the most Magical Place on Earth with my family this summer.


With a new baby, we're a little limited on the distance we can travel this summer. However, we will definitely be visiting family at the lake about 3 hours away. I just hope the baby doesn't cry the whole way there! In future years, we have a "dream" vacation of a car-camping trip with our two boys, touring the "West" and taking in our wonderful National Parks.

krystal wohnus

we would love to get our kids to the beach this summer! we have attempted a few times but it has rained the whole time while there.. we planned a trip to NJ to see family at the shore this july... and i am really hoping for no rain!

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