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  • Late July is dedicated to making delicious organic, NON-GMO snacks! It’s our mission to ensure that future generations of families always have access to delicious food free from GMOs, toxic persistent pesticides and antibiotics. Founded in 2003 by Nicole Bernard Dawes & her late father Steve Bernard, we're excited to be celebrating our 11th anniversary in 2014!

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October 26, 2010


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These chips are PHENOMENAL! OUT OF THIS WORLD!! My boyfriend and I got the Dude Ranch when we had a craving for something salty and delicious. Well, we always knew your Vanilla Bean sandwich cookies were to die for, so now we have something equally as scrumptious, from you, to satisfy our savory cravings!!

 Ashlee Gossard, Managing Counselor, Lite for Life of Los Altos

I run a lite food market focusing on low-glycemic, natural foods helpful for weight loss. Your Sea Salt chips are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS and help my clients satisfy their cravings for salty, savory, crunchy snacks.

Only one thought... now that you've got the perfect recipe, you should consider offering single-serving packages of these products... because it's WAY too hard to stop, once you start!


We live in Canada - we bought the Dude Ranch chips for a treat yesterday, and they are DELICIOUS. We love Late July products. Thank you so much!

Lora Traffie

I just discovered your chips a couple weeks ago, they are amazing! So far I have tried the Dude Ranch and Mild Green Mojo flavors and I do not exaggerate when I say that both are exceptionally delicious. And, besides the "can't stop eating them" taste, I love that they are low-calorie, lower in fat, and have some protein and fiber. That definitely makes me feel much less guilty when I splurge on a few handfuls! (Speaking of splurging, I do agree with the previous post in that single-serve packages would be very helpful!)

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that I am pleased to support a local company as I live in New Hampshire. Now that I know (thanks to your website) that you also make cookies, I look forward to trying them also. Keep up the good work!!

Jean Darragh

lOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR MULTIGRAIN Dude Ranch chips...I don't think you would lose any quality of the Sour Cream variety if you lowered the sodium to 70mg as are the Seasalt ones. I can eat an enire package at one setting so less sodium would make me feel less guilty

Judith Plante

I had been looking high and low for a healthy snack..when I read an ad in a magazine about your product..don't have to look anymore..I am hooked! Not only are they healthy..they are so delicious..I have them on hand all the time..and gluten free means I can serve them to everyone..I also love the name Late July because it reminds me gardens and fresh produce..warm sunshine..flowers and all things summer..


Thank you for a fantastic ExpoWest experience! I love how Sea Salt Seashore is vegan. <3


I saw these yesterday for the first time at the grocery store where I shop. I bought one bag each of all three flavors. So far I have tried the Mojo and Ranch flavors, and I was impressed by how nutritious and delicious they are. So delicious, in fact, that I ate half the bag on my way home. Even my husband, who is a picky eater, agrees with me! I will definitely be buying more next week. Please do consider single-serve bags as suggested above. Coupons would be great, too.


Seriously??? These are out of control good. I have been eying the lovely packaging, but when I saw them 2/$5 on sale, with $1 coupon attached to the bags, how could I resist? I couldn't and after eating just one I knew resistance would not be in my future. I normally have will power to have just a bite of a cake or a few chips and this makes my friends quite jealous... I will never be able to allow them to see me with these chips... Thank you for making such a wonderful gluten free product!!!


I just tried your Sea Salt by the Seashore. I live at the beach - but these would be great to eat anywhere - LOL! Actually, I was looking for a healthier salted snack. These are awesome!!! I love everything about them, great taste, great crunchiness, salty enough but not oversalted, complex flavors. Just amazing! Now that I ate an entire bag pretty much by myself, I have to go back to the store and stock up - maybe my family might like to try them :-)

Christine Strickland

OMG my son introduce me to the mild green mojo multigrain chips and they are fantastic I can't stop eating them.My favorite cookie is the dark chocolate, I had to change the way I eat so thanks Late July for your gluten free products. NYC


Was hesitant to purchase, i am pretty picky about my chips - but whole foods had a good deal. I purchased all 3 flavors and just tried my first bag, the Mild Green Mojo. Delicious! My new fav chips!!! Can't wait to try the others!


we got a bag of the sea salt chips at costco "accidentally. when I went back I couldn't find any more...normally that would be the end of that but they were so good I decided to actually run a google search for them! they were phenomenal. My husband and I are trying to eat healthier. When we got them I read what the portion size should be and separated the entire bag into snack size baggies so we wouldn't eat beyond a serving. It would have been impossible to stop at just a few if I hadn't!

anita hultman

will you ever have glutton free chocolate cookies????? I just started a glutton free diet and your dark chocolate cookies are the only things that I don't compulsively eat...you are the best,


So.. those Dude Ranch chips.. I have a terrible addiction. I purchased a bag forever ago, cause they're always on sale at S&S. Every time I go to the store now I need to buy a bag.. but it never makes it back home. I've gotten everyone addicted to them -- they're so unbelievably good! Being organic is a plus! I don't feel bad eating them either.. or I just don't think I care.

Kudos for providing something amazing, minus all the crud conventional snacks like to toss in there.

Terry McVay

we have your chips at sherms Thunderbird in Roseburg oregon 97470 get with it !!! No gmo you are the best. keep up the good work call me on cancer cures Terry 541 679 8868

Joy Gardner

I am new to the Gluten Free arena. I stopped by our local Whole Good store (the Harvest Moon in Floyd VA) and found your Gluten Free chips on display so I decided to try them. I bought both the Sweet Potato Chips and the Dude Ranch chips. I opened the Dude Ranch Chips today and they are BY FAR MY FAVORITE!! They are super fresh, crunchy and very flavorful!! Thank you for making such a wonderful, healthy Gluten Free snack.


Love the gluten free especially: so, so good. Just saw them in our local Stop and Shop. so excited tasty nutritious and healthy all in one. Love that donations go to children in need of summer camp experiences. I am a grade school teacher and camp counselor for many years. Congratulations to you!!!


I just came across your company the other day when I bought a bag of the sea salt chips from Costco! I've been searching for a multigrain tortilla style chip that's all natural & low in calories. I FINALLY found it! These chips are amazing! Thank you for creating a healthy organic snack - free from all of the junk. I look forward to trying more of your products.

Ron Deutschman

There is no way I can match the superlatives expressed in the previous comments that have been posted. But I do have a complaint. We can only get the chips you produce a couple of months out of the year and only at our local Costco store in Lancaster, CA. My wife and I find that this is an extreme hardship in the sense of preventing ones enjoyment of consumption of a very delicious product. Please explain where we can get your chips more often, and we encourage that you increase production.....please!!!

James Tudor

I love your chips and want to feature them in single serving bags to serve along with my homemade salsa at my espresso bar....any chance that might happen soon and how can I order your products for my coffee bar?

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