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July 11, 2011


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Paul Holderman

My Top Ten Reasons what I love about this time of the year:
10-Fresh tomato sandwiches
9-Fresh Grilled Garden veggies
8-Fresh Watermelon
7-After work swims at the pool
6-Late evening walks with family
5-Beach days (when we get them)
4-Cooking on the patio grill almost every night
3-Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market
2-Fresh Ice Tea and Lemonade
1-ICE CREAM after dinner!

Mandy Jo Angleberger

I parted open the tall grasses to see what else a summer breeze brings
Like the rapid flapping of dragonfly wings
And the itching red of mosquito bite stings
Meadows inviting sweaty, breathless chases and other such things

I’d love to find a place where there is no one else around
Just the wind in my hair and my bare feet on the ground

Can we be like shellfish, and carry everything we need on our backs, so that we can always just go?
Roam like wild horses, running free, dirt in our toes, and wind for a comb?
We’re a rare breed, speaking the forgotten language of logic and empathy
Drifting around creating memories, some to share and some to keep

I’d love to find a place where there is nothing but the sound
Of the sun blistering my shoulders and my bare feet on the ground

And it’s hard to believe
That this could be the last summer we ever see
If it’s too late to save the ocean,
This is the last you’ll ever hear from me

I’d love to find a place where there are only animal-shaped clouds
A layer of mud for clothing and my bare feet on the ground

Beverly Niles

It reminds me of Trinidad & Tobago, my birth place. The warm temperatures, the evening summer breeze and floral scents, the laughter and the laziness of summer. I love summer and late July is the peak of it.

Thanks for asking. I enjoyed the reflection.


Just the word "summer"rolls across the lips like the season itself. The slower, less hectic days. The longer evenings. The feel of barefeet on moist morning grass...even the late afternoon thunderstorms when the weather is too hot.
Our produce box from our food coop is full of peaches and blueberries and basil all fragrant like flowers in spring.
I try to savor the season because unlike winter, summer seems to fly by...but I won't think about that now. I'll just have an ice cream and sit outside.


I love how just a few seconds outside during this time of year can lift anyone's mood! The sun, warmth, sense of freedom and vacation possibilities, and the magical evenings that the Summer brings can't be met the way it is in July. The very last day of the month is my birthday, which like you said, always helps! :)

Sandra Knapp

The weather, the flowers and pine trees.

Susan Laura

In late July we are just hitting our summer groove! Work and school schedules are finally out of our systems and spontaneity can really be embraced. Plus -- despite all the ads for "BACK TO SCHOOL" items -- we know that reality is still weeks away. Bliss!

Susan Laura

By late July we are just hitting our summer groove. Work and school schedules are finally out of our systems and we can embrace some spontaneity. And, despite every store's attempt to sell us "BACK TO SCHOOL" items, we know that reality is still weeks away. Bliss!


Working in retail, then coming home and preparing for weekly meetings I host and a semi-weekly newsletter I put out, I get near zero me time; late July means our first vacation of the year where the days are long enough to try and make up for lost time!

Hilary Boonstra

This time of year screams FRESH in every way. Gardens are pumping out beautiful produce faster than it can be harvested. Juicy fruits of all varieties are thrown into the blender for a quick, refreshing treat. My family works hard to pickle and preserve all of the freshness of the garden that we can. Plump slices of watermelon are consumed as they drip their sweet juices down my chin. It may be hot and sticky outside, but I love every minute of it.

Suzanne DeWaide

Late July is synonymous with Lake Osoyoos.
There are no phones, no internet and television.Just peace, warm water, adoring family, waves and lots and lots of sandcastles!
Just like Late July, is is simple, clean, pure fun wrapped up with sun and love!


I love the lazy warmth of the air that wraps you in a cocoon of relaxed bliss. Watching people walk by, laughing and having fun. Summer makes people smile, and its as if the whole world is breathing a sigh of satisfaction. I love sitting on the beach in the early morning watching dogs delirious with joy as they run through the waves. I love listening to children laugh as they run in the park. I love hearing the birds sing again. Summer is definitely my favorite time of year.

Jessica Bernard

family, sunshine, fun, health and good food...


I love this time of year because, although its ridiculously hot out, the days are longer. I feel like I can spend some of the "day" after I get home from work, whereas the winter after work feels like the day is over.

It's also great to be able to take some much needed vacation during July! Beach time, swimming, relaxing!


I love the summer because it's the perfect excuse to enjoy the great outdoors... and treat yourself to ice cream whenever you feel like it!


Today, my baby is four. I don't relish the memories of being pregnant in late July but having him join us made the sweatiness and swollen ankles worth it…


i love summer! the heat, beach, water! summer, just gives me chills...the hot sweaty kind :) just brought along the late july mild mojo green chips and my friends ATE it all up. after a summer day of kayaking, those chips, the green fingers of full flavor, super welcome delight! yummm summer!


July, the only month of the year when the tension is reduced. It begins with a celebration of independence, with colorful fireworks brightening up the sky. A person can scarf down fresh, sweet watermelon; and enjoy the plenty of other fresh fruits and vegetables sprouting this time of year. Foods made with delicious eggplant, and exotic fruits such as coconut and figs are personal favorites of mine. The most imporant thing about this month is that I get to spend most of it with my family. This is the only month of the year where I can kick off my shoes and lie barefoot outside at night to watch the stars shoot above my head with them. This is the time when I can bake cookies and make fresh lemonade while swimming 24 hours a day. This is the month where you have new beginnings.


Late July..Love this time of year because I get to spend more time in the sun and the days are longer.


Summer means endless inspiration to be carefree.

Warm rays of sun and calming ocean waves make for some of the best days ever.

And of course hoarding summer berries like they're going out of style.


July is the month of my husband's, father and father-in-law's birthday...all on the same day!! July 31st. This being so, July is the perfect time to spend quality time with my entire family. The spirit is free and fun, the fruits are bursting with flavor, but most of all, I get to plan my day as it happens. I love being spontaneous!


Love this late coming summer time in July. Sunny & Nice. Just Love It.

Shonda Hector

July 18th was the first time we discovered your chips. We stopped at a Whole Foods Store (30+ miles) away from home on our way to visit Grandma. The chips were on an end aisle and caught my attention. My son and I discovered were are Celiacs just one month ago, June 17th. For me it was freedom, but for him it was like doom. But, your chips have given him some hope. He wanted to eat the entire bag, but there were 4 other people in the car. Luckily I did purchase 2 bags that day. We don't live near a Whole Foods, but I searched and it looks like a store closer to us will be carrying them also. So, July means a lot for us this summer. A time for freedom from what has been ailing us and freedom to choose new products and to discover new tastes. Thanks for making such delicious GLUTEN FREE chips available to us and especially for my son. He is 14 and these must be pretty good chips to meet his standards. My words cannot express my sense of gratitude. I wish you the best with your company.


Tubing down a river with a drink in my hand!

jessica mitchell

I absolutely Love this time of year! The kids are finally relaxed from the hectic school year, I get to stand back and marvel at my gardens and all the flowering beauty. And despite the excessive heat , the butterflies effortless entertain while doing one of the most important jobs without notice of the temperature :)

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