The best parties need a few simple things — great friends, good stories and delicious food! At Late July, these three things always come together around a big bowl of delicious tortilla chips. That is why we take so much care in using the highest quality ingredients without sacrificing on taste. We hope you enjoy eating our tortilla chips as much as we enjoy making them!

Please reference the product packaging for the most up-to-date ingredient and nutritional information.


CLÁSICO Tortilla Chips

Inspired by the amazingly delicious flavors served up at our favorite taco trucks, our Clásico chips are our boldest chips yet.

Multigrain Tortilla Chips

Our organic multigrain tortilla chips are the original (and still the best!). These seven delicious flavors are packed with wholesome grains and seeds.

restaurant style Tortilla Chips

Thin, crispy & delicious these melt-in-your-mouth tortilla chips are cut extra big and are perfect for dipping in authentic pico de gallo.

Cantina Tortilla Chips

Introducing the No Drip Chip!® Our Cantina Dippers are the best shape for that perfect chip-to-dip ratio, so pile high!

Classic Crackers

Our classic crackers were first born in 2003, and while the original recipe stays the same, we now have five delicious flavors.